Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Full-lengths, installment 9

Well, I've ran out of the full-length albums I've played on the show. The last one I played was "First Chips, Volume One" and you can find that in one of the first posts on this blog. This album, Dead Horse's "Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers," is an extremely obscure thrash metal album from Texas that I've loved for a long time. I found it in a cut-out bin and became a huge fan of this group due their strange incorporation of traditional country, humor, and oddball indie-rock moves into the trash formula. Nowadays, frontman Michael Haaga is doing his own stuff that kind of reminds me of the Pixies. They had another full-length before this one, called "Horsecore" that's a damn good album, too, but for now, here's their second LP, "Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers."


1. Cod Piece Face
2. Turn
3. La La Song
4. Like Asrielle
5. The Latent Stage
6. Peaceful Death
7. Eulogy
8. Snowdogs
9. The Lark Nest
10. Medulla Oblongata
11. Aplo
12. Rock Lobster
13. Sawbone

Relapse records apparently has the rights to the Dead Horse albums now, and has done some great re-releases with plenty o' bonus tracks. Check it out!



J-Unit 1 said...

Heyo Obscuro,

I was trolling my usual online haunts and came across a new site you might dig (this sounds like spam, but this really is J-Unit 1 from WIDR)


It needs some work, but it may be up your alley. Also, as I've used it for great finds for the Deuce Project and it is actually the site that turned me onto wtf, musicformaniacs.blogspot.com is a great resource for fun as well.

All that aside, keep up the good wrok :)

Bizarro Jerry said...

Hell yeah, there's a lot of good finds on Musicformaniacs...some of the more hip-hop-type stuff I play comes from here. I'm definitely going to check out WTF music. Thanks for the head's up, dude.