Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full-lengths, installment 10

Ha, so first of all, a while back I posted the entire Nurse With Wound list...dig up the post if you wanna know what it is 'cos I don't feel like going into detail, but basically I devoted an entire night's program to this list and the strange assortment of musicians' names contained within. Apparently, I don't check the comments on this blog enough because one of the musicians on that list (not going into specifics, but it's pretty obvious if you find his comment) was pissed enough to tell me to take his name off the list on my page. This is kind of funny because I really just copied the list from Wikipedia...but hey, I guess somebody's reading! This dude REALLY doesn't want anybody to hear his music if they discovered it by way of this list, so let's just not listen to it. It ain't all that great anyhow.

That aside, here's another out-of-print album for you to listen to!

I got a few comments (apparently) a while back from someone who liked Armand Schaubroeck, so here's a full-length from him. This one doesn't get much airplay on my show, and I think you'll see why if you give it a listen. Dude loves his f-bombs and 'edgy' racial slurs. A fellow WIDRite, Jason Hall, told me he now owns a really great guitar shop in NYC. But, back in the late 70's, he was pissed about getting arrested for statutory rape and robbery or something, and made a BUNCH of albums about this subject. This is (I believe) his second full-length, and it's called "Ratfucker," appropriately.


1. Ratfucker
2. Gigolo, Gigolo
3. I Love Me More than You
4. Buried Alive
5. The Independent Hitter
6. Preteen Mama
7. The Queen Hitter

Show tonight. 12 am as usual. Dig on that shit.

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