Friday, February 26, 2010

Playlist for 2-26-10, Lofio

It's been a while, so I decided to bring back my 'theme' shows. The newest of these is a tribute to the Ohio underground music scene from about '74-'98. This meant I was playing a lot of proto-punk stuff (Rocket from the Tombs, Pere Ubu, Electric Eels) and the bands that were influenced by this period (V-3, Mike Rep and the Quotas, Ego Summit, etc.) Cleverly, I titled this feature 'Lofio,' although I never mentioned that on air. The idea to do this came after I heard V-3's album "Photograph Burns." I thought it was such a killer album that these guys needed a feature. Especially since these groups are all connected, and bands like Mike Rep and Electric Eels have gotten quite a bit of coverage on my show in the past. ANYHOW, you can download the podcast for it here. And, due to popular request, download an mp3 of the show if  you don't have iTunes.


Feb 26 - 2:02 AMEgo Summit (ft. Jim Shepard)IllogicalThe Room Isn't Big EnoughNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:58 AMEgo Summit (ft. Ron House)Beyond the LawsThe Room Isn't Big EnoughNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Feb 26 - 1:54 AMJim ShepardInterstate/EndMotorcycle MovieNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:47 AMVertical Slit7:00 AM JamSlit and Pre-SlitNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:43 AMMike Rep and the QuotasRocket Music On45 rpm singleNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:39 AMPere UbuNonalignment PactThe Modern DanceNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:37 AMTommy JayVillage IdiotTall Tales of TraumaNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Feb 26 - 1:31 AMV-3American FacePhotograph BurnsNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:23 AMRocket from the TombsTransfusionThe Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the TombsNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:21 AMJim ShepardPull the Switch, HenryPicking Through the Wreckage with a StickNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:17 AMPere UbuChinese RadiationThe Modern DancerequesticalYese/d
Feb 26 - 1:14 AMThomas Jefferson Slave ApartmentsIs She ShyBait and SwitchNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Feb 26 - 1:07 AMPere UbuFinal Solution45 rpm singleNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:04 AMElectric EelsDead Man's CurveThe Eyeball of HellNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:03 AMBassholesBlackbirdTest MastersNoe/d
Feb 26 - 1:01 AMJim ShepardBurn ForwardMotorcycle MovieNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:55 AMPi CorpDevil WeedS/TNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Feb 26 - 12:47 AMTommy JayI was ThereTall Tales of TraumaNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:43 AMV-3Forever Low ManWNUR Chicago Radio PerformanceNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:40 AMMike Rep and the QuotasMama was a Schitzo, Daddy was a Vegetable Man45 rpm singleNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:37 AMEgo Summit (ft. Tommy Jay)NovocaineThe Room Isn't Big EnoughNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:33 AMPere UbuSmall was FastNew Picnic TimeNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Feb 26 - 12:27 AMEgo Summit (ft. Mike Rep)Black HoleThe Room Isn't Big EnoughNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:23 AMV-3Horse KickPhotograph BurnsNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:20 AMElectric EelsAccidentThe Eyeball of HellNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:16 AMGibson Bros.Moon TwistBig Pine BoogieNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:10 AMRocket from the TombsAin't it FunThe Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the TombsNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Feb 26 - 12:04 AMGibson Bros.Big Pine BoogieBig Pine BoogieNoe/d
Feb 26 - 12:00 AMThomas Jefferson Slave ApartmentsMy Mysterious Death (Turn it Up)Bait and SwitchNoBizarro Jerrye/d

For those who are curious, it goes like this: Rocket from the Tombs split into the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu. Ego Summit = Mike Rep (frontman for the Quotas), Jim Shepard (frontman for V-3/Vertical Slit), Ron House (frontman for Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments), Tommy Jay (drummer for the Quotas and a solo artist) and Don Howland (frontman for Gibson Bros. and Bassholes). That's it for now. Downloads next week.

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