Monday, February 22, 2010

All the Jim Shepard you can handle!

Well, the hard-drive situation is looking I think I might have some new music for you all this week after all. It's still fucked for now, but I'm going to get a new case and try to put my old hard drive into it. Not that it matters, but that's what's up. Hopefully this works since that's where all my music for the program is.

In the meantime, I found this guy's page, which appears to exist for the sole purpose of uploading Jim Shepard and Jim Shepard-related music. I played his group, V-3, this past week, and also a solo track. V-3 is a terrific band along the lines of Archers of Loaf, but better and more smacked-out. I love AoL, but V-3's album "Photograph Burns" has quickly become a favorite record of mine in the past week.

Regardless, there'll be a new edition of the program this Thursday night as I've got a stockpile of CD-R's in the event something like this happens.

You can always check out some older podcasts, though.


J-Unit 1 said...

What kind of drive is it/size? I have various adapters and would happily lend you one if need be. Drop me a line Joshua DOT Upson at gmail. If I have something that works for you, I can drop it off at WIDR.

Bizarro Jerry said...

It was a SATA 150 gig hard drive with a pre-attached cable (meaning, when the cable shorts out, that's it for the hard drive...stupid design if you ask me). I went to World of CD Rom and bought a new case, and it's working out so far...didn't lose any music so that's good. Thanks, though! It's always good to know people who are more experienced with that kinda shit than I am.

J-Unit 1 said...


Cool man, I'm glad to hear it is working for you. If you ever have another HD crash on you feel free to hit me up. I had some issues a while back and I have adapters to make external HDs out of almost any homeless HD.