Thursday, February 4, 2010

Full-lengths, installment 6

Here's a good'un. Snakefinger was once the guitarist for the Residents, and you can really tell listening to this album. Styles range from odd avant-garde electronic shit to almost reggae-dub. Too bad he had to go and die on us. This album was released in 1980, and he's got a few other solo albums, too.


1. Golden Goat
2. Don't Lie
3. The Man in the Dark Sedan
4. I Come from an Island
5. Jungle Princess
6. Trashing all the Loves of History
7. Save Me from Dali
8. Living in Vain
9. The Picture Makers vs. Children of the Sea

Rock it out, and don't forget to tune in tonight midnight to 2 am.


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