Saturday, June 23, 2012

135 greatest proto-punk songs, part 2

....aaand right into part two. This one's a little more exciting than part 1, I think. I'm calling this one 'Unintentional,' because most of these folks didn't know exactly what they were doing. However, the music they made either influenced punk rock, or sounded a LOT like it years in advance. You'll find everything from misguided Christian records to shit made by flat-out-crazy people. Enjoy.

135 GREATEST VOL. 2 - Unintentional
1. Cromagnon - Caledonia
2. The Keggs - To Find Out
3. Randy Rice - Mrs. Bitch
4. The Shaggs - Who Are Parents
5. Charles Manson - Sick City
6. Skip Spence - Grey/Afro
7. Silver Apples - Ruby
8. Residents - En-Er-Gee (Crisis Blues)
9. YaHoWa 13 - Fire in the Sky
10. Simon Finn - Jerusalem
11. The Novas - The Crusher
12. Henry Flynt and the Insurrections - I Don't Wanna
13. Wild Man Fischer - The Taster
14. Debris - Witness
15. The New Creation - Sodom and Gomorrah
16. George Brigman - Don't Bother Me
17. Pip Proud - Purple Boy Bang
18. The Blue's Men - Hermosa Nena
19. Kenneth Higney - No Heavy Trucking
20. Stephen David Heitkotter - Fly Over the Moon
21. Virgin Insanity - In the Eyes
22. Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso
23. The Church Mice - Babe, We're Not Part of Society
24. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed
25. First Chips - Pieces
26. Circuit Rider - Forever Angel's Proud
27. Hasil Adkins - She Said

***RE-UPLOADED 5/24/14***


So, you've got the crazies (Heitkotter, Wild Man Fischer, Hasil Adkins, Kenneth Higney, Skip Spence, etc.) who probably didn't have any idea how revolutionary the music they were making was, along with the misguided (The Blue's Men, Modern Lovers, New Creation. First Chips) who, in attempting to do 'regular' rock, came up with something new and exciting. Some of these folks can't play their instruments too well (Shaggs, Henry Flynt, and Circuit Rider, I'm lookin' at you) but nonetheless do some interesting stuff. Check out the proto-synth-punk madness of Debris' 'Witness' and the drunken garage rock of the Keggs' 'To Find Out.' Oh  yeah, and uncle Charlie, too. He might've made folk music, but what's more punk rock than dropping acid and killing celebrities?

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