Monday, June 25, 2012

Michael Haaga - 'The Plus and Minus Show'

As promised before, here's former Dead Horse frontman Michael Haaga's solo outing. Recorded in 2003, this is A LOT different than the Demonseeds album I put up earlier, and way way way different than the old Dead Horse recordings. Haaga claimed he was listening to a lot of Radiohead and the Shins when he made this album...I hate the shit out of both those groups, though, so obviously this isn't really similar.

To me, it sounds like Haaga was rockin' some Pumpkins and Nirvana...a lot of the tracks have a Pixies/grungey kinda vibe, and his voice is way too hardcore for this to be a 'soft' record. Granted, there are a lot of piano-driven ballads, but I never got the feeling he's 'mellowing out' or some shit. I dunno, just good alt-rock....not as impressive as the Demonseeds stuff, but 'Looking Beyond' 'Four Letter Words' are up there with some of his best compositions. Fuckin' dig it, cuz you won't find it anywhere else. Dunno if he's doing anything now, but he sure as fuck should be.

Michael Haaga - 'The Plus and Minus Show'

1. Same Old Strings
2. Looking Beyond
3. Mountains Fall Down...
4. If and When
5. Four Letter Words
6. Serious
7. Supernaive
8. Baby
9. Anything is Real
10. Belong
11. End of the Day


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