Friday, December 21, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's Trash Radio, Vol. 10

Back to metal this week, but here's last week's Trash Radio...lotsa weirdo shit.


The Atlantics - Bombora
N.O.D. - Niggaz Of Destruction
Konrad - It's Only a Matrix
Roland Bocquet - Digital Vision
Parker, Steve and Kevin Harrison - Caught Then Drowned Affection
Old - Disconnect Self
The Dead C - Suffer Bomb Damage
Psycho Jesus - Tylerdurden
Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity
Mahmoud Awad - Girls, Girls, Girls!!!
Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man
Misantropical Painforest - Wood Chain Summoning
Dave Dub - The Treatment
Sensational - Craving Satisfaction
Macintosh Plus - (Title in Japanese)
Jay Roosevelt - Glass House
Guy Boyer and Jean-Yves Guihal - Golf Driving
Library: Rouge - Alpha
Lewis - Cool Night in Paris
Grant Moros - Death Be the Penalty
Secret Birds - Zen Pyramid
Prince Jammy - 32 Bit Chip
The HATE Noise - Earth (My Beautiful Home)
SPV Click - Playa Posse All So Deep
Incubator - Games of a Moonmurder
Keith Hudson - Satia
Franco Battiato - Bandiera Bianca
Casino Gardens - Soda Cans
Shudder to Think - White Page
YlangYlang - 2 Stoned 2 Dream
Pizzo, San Quinn, Silkk and Master P - High Fo Xmas
Pyramids - Pressure
Davy Walklett - Darkness Divide
Jandek - I Knew You Would Leave
Les Luthiers - Oi Gadonaya
Poor Boy Rappers - Low Rider Rap
Essex - Cemetary Stomp
Leviathan - He Whom Shadows Move Towards
Residents - Lights Out
Three 6 Mafia - Niggaz Ain't Barin' Dat

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