Saturday, December 29, 2012

Missing Link - 'Entourage Garage'

Here's a lost classic from the third-wave ska era...if there is such a thing. I first heard Missing Link on one of those JetSet mp3 compilations that came with various magazines in the 90's. A few years later, I finally located a copy of their sole release in a cutout bin. Why these guys never made it to the level of a Mighty Mighty Bosstones is beyond me. As far as I know, this is the only group aside from Sublime that successfully mixed hip hop and ska. I dunno why more groups didn't try a style like seems obvious to me. However, whereas Sublime was a complex musical stew, this release is pretty much just third wave ska with turntables and a bunch of rappers.

The rappers are your average rapid-fire white boys, and the music is kinda generic, but the overall effect is a whole lot of fun. If you have any interest in ska, you'll probably dig this. Holds up a lot better than most other mid-90's ska releases.

Missing Link - 'Entourage Garage'

1. La La
2. Na Na
3. Pussy Cat in the Kangol Hat
4. That Guy
5. Secret Mission
6. Wall Street
7. Barfly
8. Kama Sutra
9. L.I.N.K.
10. Bong Hit Sound
11. Bong Trip 2
12. Pass the Suds
13. Gong Sound (Dinner is Served)
14. Can't Remember
15. Fly Girl
16. G.P.C.
17. Drunken Man
18. Madd Boxx

***RE-UPLOADED 11/25/14***



Zach To The Future said...

Thanks g..It was a lot of fun
-Zach To The Future

Zach To The Future said...
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Bizarro Jerry said...

Zach, were you a member? If so, I think some friends of mine were supposed to stay with y'all in Cali when they were out on tour long ago, but it never happened because they got lost. I've been rockin' this album really hard all week, and it's still probably my favorite ska release of all time.