Sunday, May 5, 2013

Womack The Omen - 'Book of the Dead'

Some of ya have probably been looking for this for a while. I know I was. Heard a couple tracks a while back and was pretty impressed by how straight up evil the vibe of this album is. Sure, the lo-fi quality kinda amps up the menace, but the dude is just raspy as fuck and sounds genuinely scary. He also apparently doesn't do drugs...? Kind of monumental for lowdown Memphis shit like this. He at least doesn't smoke weed, because he mentions it in like every track.

This was up on the wonderful Twankle and Glisten blog a while back, but has long since disappeared, and it doesn't appear to be on any blogs right now. Which means Ima put it up. Here ya go.

Womack The Omen - 'Book of the Dead' (1996)

1. Intro
2. Click Up
3. Evil
4. Crusifix
5. Hustle
6. Buckwilden
7. Demons
8. On Fire
9. No Strap
10. Wicked Ways
11. Evil Part 2


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