Saturday, June 29, 2013

Classic Obscuro podcasts, cont'd

Was bored at work, so here's 3 more from the Obscuro! podcast archives...

Episode 68 - 5-21-10 RANDY HOLDEN - 'POPULATION II'


V-3 - My Neighborhood
The Frogs - Get Yourself a Man (If You're a Man)
Fred Frith - Come Across
Sensational - Tearin' it Up
Wild Man Fischer - The Rocket Rock
Hampton Grease Band - Evans
Gleneil - Cheepy Chappy and Ito
Beautiful Losers - Nobody Knows the Heaven
Doronco Gumo - Umi
Bitter Blood Street Theater - Snake and Cave
Robert Alberg - San Storms
Jandek - Crazy
Randy Holden - Guitar Song
Randy Holden - Fruit and Iceburgs
Randy Holden - Between Time
Randy Holden - Fruit and Iceburgs (Conclusion)
Randy Holden - Blue My Mind
Randy Holden - Keeper of My Flame
Axis of Awesome - Four Chords
Anal Magic and the Reverend Dwight Frizzell - Family, Birth of Helio and Selene
Rangda - Bull Lord
Bob Bell - Necropolis, Part 3
Doris Norton - A.D.A. Converter



Pekka Airaksinen - Ratnasikhin
Cold Sun - South Texas
Brian Wilson - Too Much Sugar
Carles Santos - Conversa
Soggy - I Feel on Top of the World
The Protomen - Unrest in the House of Light
Hasil Adkins - She Said
Kit Ream - Memories
Jem Targal - Bumble Bee Drive
Arcesia - Mechanical Doll
Buddy Max - The Birthmark Story
Caninus - Fear of Dog (Religious Myths)
Harry Perry - Heads of Skin
Harry Perry - Invaders
Harry Perry - Nam Myoho Revenger KYO
Harry Perry - World of Freaks
Harry Perry - Out of Control
Harry Perry - Message
Harry Perry - Man on Mars
Harry Perry - Zoo Man
Harry Perry - How Soon is Now
Harry Perry - Zoo Man (Reprise)
Y. Bhekhirst - Rain in Summer
Rick Mason and Rare Feelings - I Dream of Love
(Unknown Artist) - To Kill a Mockingbird Extra Credit Song

Episode 70 - 6-4-10 BACK TO REGULAR FORMAT


MC Trachiotomy - Angel Dust
Paul Super Apple - The Chance
Nova Billy - Portrait
Sun City Girls - Esta Susan en Casa?
Sun City Girls - Dead Chick in the River
Kaplan Brothers - Eleanor Rigby
Mystic Minds - It's Real
Sunburned Hand of the Man - No Magic Man
Stradivarius - Walking in the Bach's World
Run DMT - Money
Chrome - My Time to Live
Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker - Cousin Mosquito #1
Cromagnon - First World of Bronze
Zero-D - Klingon Rock
Howard Finster - Boil Dem Cabbage Down
Jandek - European Jewel II
Crispin Hellion Glover - These Boots are Made for Walking
Art Bears - The Slave
Carnivorous Birds - Acid Squirtgun
Residents - N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)
Mu - Blue Form
Rockin' Rollin' Blues Band - (Untitled Track 10)

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