Saturday, January 18, 2014

Boy Froot - 'Bitch Shift' Mixtape

You might remember a demented rap mixtape I posted a while back by a producer/rapper out of Cincinnati called Boy Froot. It kinda reminded me of the Residents doing a Lil Ugly Mane album, and had like a million tracks on it. Well, he's back with an even better release that has even fuckin' more tracks. It's called 'Bitch Shift,' and features a lot more collaborations, including Depressive Tongue Posse, Hexxxoffndr, Secret Provider and a bunch of tracks with Keiki, his frequent partner in rhyme.

Coming off like a tribute to 'Paul's Boutique' made by aliens, the mixtape bridges the gap between wonky experimental hip hop, Memphis lo-fi murder rap and old school Beasties-esque 'sampleadelia.' With most of the songs having minute-and-a-half lengths, and all of the production being handled by Froot himself, it feels like an album that's been shattered and put back together completely wrong (in a good way.) Tracks blend into one another, stop at random, and morph into completely different ideas.

While 'Looters' featured barely-discernible slimy raps pitch shifted into oblivion, the vocals on this one are a little cleaner, which brings some of Boy Froot's humorous lines to the forefront. Where else are you gonna hear a guy brag about 'making you his pet' and never taking you to the vet?

The structure is also interesting, in that it moves from the deranged Residents-hop of 'Looters' to a more listener-friendly vibe by the end of the album. Who could anticipate from the borderline-noise opening tracks that the record would close with something that sounds almost like golden-era Cypress Hill? Collab tracks like 'Killin' Spree' (with DTP) and What's the Word (with Hexxxoffndr) dive full-on into old school Beastie Boys with a frenzy of samples, but elsewhere you'd be hard-pressed to find any comparison to this stuff.

Anyhow. It's good, basically. Really good. And right now, it's free on his Bandcamp page, so GEIT DAT SHITZ.

Boy Froot - 'Bitch Shift' Mixtape

1. Off the Grid (feat. Sharxxx)
2. Rap Game World Fame
3. Getting Into Art
4. Menace Ae$thetic
5. $tuck in a Box (feat. Keiki)
6. Hell I Don't Care
7. Bag a Bitch (feat. Keiki)
8. Green Ooze
9. Put a Cap in Yo Dome
10. Deja Vu
11. Fudged Up
12. Impervious 2 $nitche$
13. Gotta Get on Down (feat. Keiki)
14. Manife$t De$tiny
15. Map Your Reality
16. Check it Out Y'all
17. $mokin' & Chokin'
18. When God Made U
19. Back in the Day (feat. Keiki and The Secret Provider)
20. Rep Yo Hood (feat. Sharxxx)
21. Flight or Fight
22. Rob the Bank
23. Devil'$ Only $on (feat. Sharxxx)
24. Hard Like a Criminal
25. Grown A$$ Man
26. $pecial Op$ (feat. Sharxxx)
27. What'$ the Word (feat. Hexxxoffndr)
28. Yin & Yang (feat. Keiki)
29. Killin' $pree (feat. Keiki and Depressive Tongue Posse)
30. Reptilian Glare
31. Re$urrectin'
32. Don't $top Pt. 2 (feat. Sharxxx)
33. Backwood$ on the Porch
34. Ki$$ My A$$ Goodbye


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