Sunday, April 13, 2014

Depressive Tongue Posse - 'Beverati' Mixtape

Oh yeah.

This came out a bit ago.

Dig on it.

DTP has another mixtape coming out very soon, and apparently more videos as well. Guest spots include Boy Froot, Dylan Ross, and Faggot (aka Rap Game Bobby Hill)

Depressive Tongue Posse - 'Beverati' Mixtape

1. Intro/Robbery Tyme
2. Jail
3. Drugs
4. Ride Slow (ft. Dylan Ross)
5. Beverati (ft. Boy Froot/Bitch Shift Mob)
6. Smoke Good (ft. Faggot aka Rap Game Bobby Hill)
7. People Eataz (ft. Boy Froot)
8. Puffin' N Rappin' (ft. Boy Froot)
9. Afterlife
10. Prof Calling Interlude
11. Big Balls
12. I Don't Give a Fuck About You (ft. Phatty Matt Tha Triangle Boi)
13. Divorce/Outro

Produced by DTP members HATE Noize and Grnmo (formerly Goldn Joe). It's free on Bandcamp.

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