Saturday, April 19, 2014

Konrad - 'Evil'

For some reason, this damn album seems to follow me wherever I go! When I was still doing the Obscuro! radio program, a few people would CONSTANTLY request the track 'My Girl,' and now I've got a request for the full album to be posted, so I must oblige. It is a great record, I won't deny it. Somewhere between the DIY minimal synth stuff of the 80's and sci-fi acid casualty, Konrad is a one-man-band who cranks out some of the catchiest tunes you'll ever hear about binary code, matrices, and music scientists (whatever those are.) There is also a spot-on parody of The Police that's about...police.

Also, the guy behind this project is QUITE a character. He claims to have both created the idea behind 'The Matrix' films, and to have sold speakers to Celine Dion. I'm not sure if either is true, but here's hoping.

Konrad - 'Evil'

1. It's Only a Matrix
2. Music Scientist
3. Don't Want No Police
4. Alien
5. Working Man
6. Keep On Playing That Jazz
7. My Girl Likes to Buy
8. The Man of Mystery
9. Blue Sunrise
10. One Way Motorcycle Ride
11. Seems Like One of Those Days
12. DMZ Bolero
13. People

Preorder the re-release here.


HappyChef said...

Thanks for posting this in its entirety, this is a great LP.

Check this out:

Bizarro Jerry said...

Oh nice, I knew he was doing some more recent stuff, but I haven't heard any yet. Thanks for sharing!

October Country said...

What wonderful stuff you have this crazy Konrad!
It seems this was only reissued on vinyl, which is sweet, but unfortunately my turntable is down...
I really would love to hear this beast in its entirety, it's right up my alley!
If there is any way you could send me a link, I'd be eternally grateful
my email is: theecellardoor @ gmail dot com
Thank you very much my friend