Sunday, August 31, 2014

Outsider cinema, vol. 1 - 'Double Down'

It's been brought to my attention that some of you may be interested in this film...I uploaded it to share with a couple of interested parties on the RateYourMusic website, but the fact that people are asking about it means it's pretty damn hard to find...

I'm hoping that director Neil Breen doesn't sue the shit out of me, or get my Mediafire account taken down, but we will see. I don't necessarily feel bad about posting it, as Mr. Breen sort of condemns his films to obscurity each time he makes a new one. I even contacted him a while back about his second feature, 'I Am Here....Now' and he told me he wasn't making anymore copies. This one (his first film) is even harder to come by.

So, basically, this is 'outsider' cinema...made by a fairly successful real estate agent (the realty king of Las Vegas) who uses his earnings to make b-movies that he writes, directs, and stars in (and even does some of the music for, I think.) Which, if you know anything about film, means there is a LOT of room for things to go wrong...lots of situations where nobody else gives input or says 'maybe you shouldn't put that in your movie.' Fans of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' and 'Troll 2' would definitely be into his stuff. I'd wager that Breen creates even WEIRDER films...

Whereas Mr. Breen's two more recent movies are kinda sci-fi action, his first is mainly an action/thriller (I guess?!) with a LITTLE bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Oh yeah, before I go any further, just in case Neil stumbles across this post...I have NOTHING negative to say about this movie. I will probably watch it over and over. Yes, it's basically a how-to on making a movie completely wrong, but that doesn't matter. It's pure entertainment, and it's also demented as hell.

The 'plot' concerns a genius computer hacker (who seems to not really know anything about computer) who is trying to save the world with his skillz, after years of working for anybody who will pay. It's unclear what he really does, but he spends a lot of time waking up halfway in his car in the desert (seriously, this happens about 10 times, and it's all different shots, so I'm not really sure if it's supposed to be a flashback or what) and dicking around with a whole bunch of laptops that never seem to be on. Most of the film is actually just that...the hacker (played by Breen) driving around Las Vegas with a car full of laptops.

Everything is held together by a voiceover explaining the story, that disappears halfway through for seemingly no reason...then reappears towards the end. Oh yeah, and somewhere along the way, the main character realizes he has the ability to cure cancer with his mind(!)

EVERYTHING you could want to go wrong most certainly does, from head-shaking music cues, to bizarre dialog, to the distinctly skewed worldview the film creates. And it's all completely awesome.

GET IT. Now, before the feds come for me...

and HERE

Also, if YOU somehow have a copy of 'I Am Here....Now' me out?


Juicebox360 said...

i actually have a copy of 'i am here.... now' but be warned it's actually really mediocre but if you're used to breen's style it's nothing new. here's a yt link to it:

Juicebox360 said...

by the way, thanks for the upload! by any chance could i get this in one whole video though? would really appreciate it. peace

Clark said...

Oh man, thanks!

Bizarro Jerry said...

No prob! This one's hard to come by, so I had to put it up. Also, thanks Juicebox360! Sucks that it's not that great, but I'm gonna have to check it out anyhow since I've been reading about it for like 5 years now! Unfortunately, this is how the movie came to me (in several parts) and I don't have the software to condense it into a single AVI file or something.

Juicebox360 said...

hiya jerry! i'm just happy to help another b-movie fan out, particularly breen's works - they're really something of a rare delicacy. (more palatable than birdemic, at least.)

as for an unpartitioned video - it's cool, i later realised the clips have no breaks in between, so if you just get all four parts and put them on a playlist it runs them flawlessly without pause. thanks again!

Rob said...

Thank you so much!!

also - if anyone still has 'i am here.... now' and would ..please repost, that would be amazing since every link is down.