Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Chiltonian worldview...

Well, I decided to play the works of one of my favorite musicians for this week's Obscuro! That musician is Alex Chilton, the man behind the Box Tops, Big Star, and a whole string of bizarre solo albums. Obviously, I'll be focusing mostly on those, since I am "Bizarro" Jerry, plus they're fun to listen to.

...Haven't quite figured out what the second half of the show will feature, but in honor of this decision, and Alex's 59th birthday which is coming up in December, I'm posting a rare radio performance/interview from 1978. This was during the "Like Flies on Sherbert" portion of his career (known for drugged-out songs, obscure blues covers, haphazard musicianship, and mostly Alex acting like an offensive jerk because he thinks it's funny) meaning it features knocks against former Big Star bandmates, a pretty obviously drunken Alex, horribly outdated country covers, and a parody of "Jingle Bells" called "Riding Through the Reich." Also, his backup singers apparently can't sing too well.

Anyhow, enjoy that, and check out the Obscuro! back catalog if you're bored. For more Chilton-y goodness, be sure to tune into the program this week from midnight-2 am Thursday night.

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