Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nothing is more adorable than a child's laughter...except a kid singing some songs his dad wrote about skeletons and shit

Since I don't have too much to talk about or anything really cool to post (that stuff is being reserved for the show this week), here are some songs by kids.

1. Dandelions - The College School (1971)
This is a song recorded by a duo of really young girls. They like to sing about how they learned to sing/play and how this dude is going to cut their album (which apparently he did, since it exists.) Apparently, they play the guitars on this song too. Dunno, but there might be some underlying Christian messages on their record.

2. The Stinky Puffs - Menendez' Killed Their Parents (1995)
A little tune guessed it...those dudes who killed their parents for virtually no reason. Simon Fair Timony (Jad Fair of Half Japanese's one-time stepson) fronts this band, and does a damn fine job at it. There's a tribute to Kurt Cobain (who was apparently going to help out with a Stinky Puffs record) on this album, called "A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of..."

3. Eyeball Skeleton - Eyeball Skeleton (2005)
I guess this isn't quite the same, since their dad writes the majority of the songs, but he still lets his REALLY young sons play guitar and bass, and sing their ridiculous horror-themed lyrics. Good times are had by all.

If you're tuning into Obscuro! this week, you're going to hear the first of what MIGHT be a series of specially-themed shows. This time around, the focus is 'Incredibly Strange Metal, Basement Funk and Hard Rock Oddities.' I know that's a pretty broad topic, but 2 hours is a lot of time to fill with music. Plus, I've got at least a few records in each of these subjects. That's it for now.

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