Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shameless self-plug, but still a download or two

The band I play guitar/sing sometimes in, Whimper Warrior, has just recorded and released our first EP. Basically, we recorded it ourselves in a studio during the graveyard shift on borrowed time, abused printing privileges at a job or two to create the artwork (stole a 19th century painting for the cover art as well) and 'pressed' the CD with a burner working on overtime and some spray paint for the artwork. It's what I like to call the 'lazy independent.' We're thinking $2 a copy since we put a lot of sweat into this shit, plus it's half an hour long (even with just 5 songs.) Here's an idea of what's to be expected. It's a track called "Sandbox," and it's brought to you in high-quality .wav format.

This week's edition of Obscuro! will feature 'electronic pioneers.' This includes early synthesizer-based musicians, rock bands with electronic leanings, and a whole lot of fucked-up noise. It will be volume 2 in a genre-series I'm doing, which started with last week's "Incredibly Strange Metal, Basement Funk and Hard Rock Oddities." Dunno how long this'll last for...probably til I get bored and start doing something else. So, enjoy for the moment. Or don't. But, you can always check out the Obscuro! back catalog.

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Gavin said...

Downloaded this from the Homemade Lofi Psychedelic blog & liked it a lot. How do I go about getting a 'proper' copy sent to me in the UK?