Monday, June 28, 2010

Bizarro Jerry's Kutout Bin Klassics, Vol. 1

I promised more downloads, and here they are. Most people interested in music are familiar with the cutout bin--that area of the record store where the albums nobody wants are stacked with little slits in the corners so you know it's a piece of shit (in theory). However, there are always a few winners, which is what I'll be covering in this series. Basically, albums that nobody really wants to hear.

First up is Orange 9mm's 1997 album 'Tragic.' Say what you will about rap metal and idiotic acts like Limp Bizkit, but the idea isn't a bad one. Most rappers like their music to have low bass tones that vibrate car speakers. Most metal bands like their songs to have...well, low tones that vibrate speakers. Some of the best rap music is violent and angry, as is some of the best metal music. However, for some reason, very few acts seem to be able to get the sound right. Rage Against the Machine comes to mind, as do the Deftones (although they don't feature much rapping), and even groups like Faith No More.

To me, Orange 9mm have created quite possibly the best rap-metal album of all time with 'Tragic.' Sure, it's not perfect--it has a LOT of filler, and many songs feature distorted-to-shit vocals and odd production techniques, but the songs are solid and the dude can fucking sing. How about that?

Anyways, give it a play, see what you think. I like all kinds of music (if you can't tell from the show itself) and can appreciate when a band gets their sound right, even if it's not my thing. That's not the case here, though. I'll bump this shit like nobody's business.

Orange 9mm - 'Tragic'


1. Fire in the Hole
2. Tragic
3. 7
4. Gun to Your Head
5. Stick Shift
6. Dead in the Water
7. Method
8. Crowd Control
9. Muted
10. Take You Away
11. Failure
12. Feel it
13. Kiss it Goodbye



MPB said...

I want to listen, but link's broken. Must have more bizzaro jerry!

Bizarro Jerry said...

Fixed link for ya.