Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old Kalamazoo rock band demos...check it

I promised some downloads, so here's this:

Logic Bomb was apparently one of the many early-90's alt-rock bands from K-zoo that almost made it big, but had things fucked up somehow. I never got a chance to see them play, but basically the same band members formed a group called PAWN (Parental Authorities' Worst Nightmare) around 95-96. I might upload their stuff here, too.

I have no idea what the fuck these guys are doing now, although I tried to get in contact with them a while back for booking a show with no luck. Does anybody know what the hell?

Anyhow...these tracks aren't arranged in any particular order, but this file's got:

Angst of a Redneck Town
Did You Say Zigelmorph?
Furry White Pussy
Hate Me, Kill Me
Homecoming King
Joy Curve
Little Happy Thing
Mr. Sunshine
T on YS gr AND ma
The Scent of Afterbirth
Third Planet from the Sun
Voyage (remix)


The sound kind of reminds me of a more quaaluded-out Nirvana with sloppier musicianship and darker (if you can believe it) lyrics. Lots of drugs, hate, violence, etc.

We used to go see these guys at our community hall all the time, so hearing all this stuff is definitely a trip down memory lane.


J-Unit 1 said...

I used to go to school with one of the members. He was a few years older, but this blew me away when I saw this posted. Good stuff.

Bizarro Jerry said...

Was it Mike Kohn, by chance? That's the frontman/songwriter who I've been trying to track down. He went by Marc Keirns in this group and his later group, PAWN (whose album I'll be posting here pretty soon, too).

J-Unit 1 said...

Jerry, sorry about not getting back sooner. The guy that I'm thinking of was named...Tony Moni I believe? Though Mike's name is pretty familiar as well. All of them were older than me and I didn't really know any of them, but I'll ask around a bit and see if I can get contact info if possible.

Bizarro Jerry said...

Hell yeah! There may be a Logic Bomb reunion yet!

Bizarro Jerry said...
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