Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Even MORE downloads...

More of my own shit...this one's pretty old. Jim Jones Catering Service was probably the 3rd or 4th 'real' band I was ever involved in. I wrote most of the music and lyrics for our tunes, and it was a chaotic blend of Nirvana-ish rock, math-rock time signatures, and free-jazz saxophone...all with catchy choruses and 3-part dude vocals. I dunno, that's how it was described to me more than once, anyhow. I'm not sure if everybody wants me using full names, but the lineup (for this record) was as follows:

Kellen - Drums
Matt - Saxophone/Vocals
Me - Guitar/Vocals
Kyle - Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Bass
Tom - Keyboards/Vocals

although our bassist from conception until about 2 months before this album was a dude named Boe. Not to get into too much detail, but we played for about 3-4 years, cutting 2 EPs and 1 full length album all ourselves before deciding to do a 'studio' LP with Mark Larmee at Broadside Productions. Probably the best-sounding recordings I've ever played on.

The music (save saxophone and keyboards) was recorded live, mostly in 2-3 takes (sometimes less). If I remember correctly, we tracked to tape (1/2"???) and then Mark mixed and mastered the whole thing in Pro-Tools.

The catch? We broke up about a week before the masters came back to us, and never did a damn thing with this record. Oh well.

Jim Jones Catering Service (aka JJCS) - 'Catch and Release Music'


1. The Crabtree Tango
2. The Twin Towers Fell Over Because Some Kids Can't Respect Their Parents
3. Otra Vez, Motherfucker
4. On the Deathbed with Dutch Schultz
5. Bitch Needs a Tomato
6. The Yelping of a Wounded Dog Wouldn't Change Your Mind
7. Mushroom Farm
8. Fourteen Million
9. God Made Hands for Praying, Not for Flashing Gang Symbols
10. Message to the Native Americans: Finder's Keeper's
11. Premarital Sects
12. Size Zero in Nothing (The Crocodile Smile)
13. Ladies + Beer
14. Space Shuttle
15. This One Goes Out to __________


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