Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playlist for 9-17-10...lots of new stuff!

You wouldn't think that being away from my radio show for a week would leave me with such a stockpile of new music, but alas. The cool thing is, I only got through about half of it, so that's even less work I have to put into this coming Thursday's show.

Some of my favorite recent finds were this dude who calls himself Vulcan. Apparently when Jimi Hendrix died, he felt it was his duty to continue along the same musical path he thought Hendrix would have been going down, although without the obvious monetary advantage (or, arguably, musical skill...I say arguably because the dude can wail and (I think) he's playing all the other stuff, too. BUT, he might not be as technically skilled as, say, Hendrix). The result is more similar to recent doom-metal groups like Om/Sleep and Boris than anything else. The whole mix is distorted, and slow, trudging riffs are the main focus. In short, the album he released, "Meet Your Ghost" is awesome in every respect (especially the bizarre cover photo).

Also Kali Bahlu, who I can't really describe too'll have to hear that one.

Lastly, I think the Blue's Men will become a fast favorite on the program. Their take on 60's garage rock is a li'l different, to say the least. I dunno where they found that vocalist, but dude is nuts. He sounds like he's doing parody versions of his own band's songs, and I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean he sounds like he got bored with singing the songs over and over and instead chose to get fucked up on heroin before going into the studio to cut his vocals. Screamin' Jay Hawkins can't really even hold a candle to this fucker. I played three tunes by 'em.

"So you thought you heard it all? Well, I bet you haven't heard this one! The Blue's Men were from Argentina and their sole LP release is the rarest 60s beat/garage /weirdo release from over there. The Blue's Men's sound is great garage rock with deranged bursts of fuzztone guitar and bizarre lyrics (in English) with song titles like "The Day the World Fried My Brain" and "Reflections of a Sun Freakout"! This might lead you to think it's psych smaltz but no, no, no it's garage rock and deranged stuff from hell, with a lead singer sounding like Elvis o.d'ing on cough syrup! A one of a kind monster record you need real bad! 10" Ltd 500 copies. " - Subliminal Sounds



Zan Overall - I Want to Believe You, Mr. President
Vulcan - Lightning

Blue's Men:
The Day the World Fried My Brain
Reflections of a Sun Freakout
Hermosa Nena

Fred Lane - Rubber Room
Peter Mary and Savinggrace - Queen of the Night
Kali Bahlu - Cosmic Remembrance
Soreng Santi - Iron Man
Lone Rager - Metal Rap
Mad River - Amphetamine Gazelle
Jerry Solomon - First Date
Magma - Da Zeuhl Wortz Mekanik
Ern Westmore - Facial Exercises - Side 1
Paul Chain - Dedicated to Jesus
Popera Cosmic - Filmore-Batman
Zoogz Rift - The Night They All Came Out
Agauturbia - Evil
J.T. IV - Destructo Rock
Mario Garcia - Quando Cair o Super-Heroi
Memphis Goons - Indian Giver
The Plastic People of the Universe - Toxika

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