Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shameless self-promotion...again!

Since I just finished compiling a 2-disc collection of the 'best of' my musical project, The HATE Noise, I figured I'd put the download link up here. This is basically a dump for all my ideas that I can't work into a full-band setting, or that are simply too weird. On average, I write about 3-4 songs a week, and only maybe one of those will go on to be played in a full-band setting. The others get recorded (usually) quickly on whatever instruments/equipment are lying around.

These two discs were culled from recordings beginning in 2003 and ending last week (that's about 8-10 80 minute CDR's-worth of material.) This is the result of doing this shit for years but only recently deciding that anybody should hear it.

You can download it HERE from Megaupload. Here's how I'm charging for the album:

Download the album first, but listen to it all the way through. Decided if it's worth any money to you (and if so, how much.) Send said amount to my PayPal account at You have to also have a PayPal account to do this. Otherwise, just e-mail me and we'll figure something out. I won't turn down money. If instead, you find yourself feeling like you wasted 3 hours, don't pay me for the album and delete it from your computer. No point in listening to it again if it's not worth money, right? That's that.

The HATE Noise - 'Beaten to Death During Interrogation: An 'Okay Of' The HATE Noise 2003-2010'

Disc 1

1. Wolvez Introduction
2. Funeral Girl (Original Version)
3. The Middle Part
4. Coma Nova
5. Hello, My Old Heart
6. The Sticks
7. Sea of Pain
8. Western-Style Gun
9. Brown Eyed Girl
10. Hard Landing
11. Nearly Incest (New Version)
12. The Pink Slip
13. Hardly a Moment
14. Fireflies
15. Tylenol
16. Jetpack Guys
17. Otherworld Singin'
18. We Do All the Style
19. Soy Cansado (Remix)
20. Cars and Spaceships
21. Accident
22. Black Socks

Disc 2
1. Hurting the Pancreas
2. User is Okay
3. Alarm System
4. Peace is Rest
5. She's a Smoker (New Version)
6. Wildlife Preserve
7. Political Song for George Forman to Sing
8. When Did You Know?
9. The Phone Song
10. The Rumor Lives Strong
11. Syrup
12. Apricot Guys
13. Lint Trap
14. Copyright Infringement
15. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
16. Trapeze Artist Sendoff
17. Pirate Sails in the Funset
18. Freelance Son and Dads
19. Hair Farmer
20. Dropout Boogie
21. Shut Your Fucking Mouth
22. Thinkin' About You, Girl


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