Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playlist for 9-24-10, with a healthy dose of Residents

Odds are, if you've heard my radio program once, you've probably heard The Residents. They're pretty much the only group I've played consistently for the year-and-a-half I've been on the air. That doesn't mean I find all their music listenable (something like 50 fucking albums) and that definitely doesn't mean that I don't think some of their stuff is just plain stupid, but during their heyday (probably 75-89) they produced some really sick and twisted music. Just for an example, here's what their album "Not Available" is all about:

"In 1978, the "official" word was that The Residents had stated that Not Available could never be released. The group claimed that they had recorded the album in secrecy as a way of exercising their "theory of obscurity" to its fullest, and, in strict accordance with the theory, the work could never be released until its creators no longer recalled its existence. However, the reissued album's liner notes state that the album was an exercise in group therapy, and the Residents didn't want to release it because they felt it was too personally revealing." - Wikipedia

But, that aside...there was also quite a bit of new stuff on last night's program, so check the podcast.

...and the playlist:

Jerry Rooth - But You'll Try...Again
Striborg - Embittered Darkness
Wild Man Fischer - Do the Wildman
Gary Wilson - Your Dream is not My Scene
Colonel Trip and Captain Future - Old School Zig Zag Wizard
Peter Grudzien - New York Town
Terminal Cheesecake - Herbal Space Flight

'Seasoned Greetings' from 'Meet the Residents' (1973)
'The Shoe Salesman' from 'Not Available' (recorded 1974, released 1978), featuring Renaldo and the Loaf
'Godsong' from 'Fingerprince' (1976)
'Krafty Cheese' from 'Duck Stab' (1978)
'Arctic Hysteria' from 'Eskimo' (1979)
'Give it to Someone Else' from 'The Commercial Album' (1980)

The Parasites of the Western World - Funeral for a Mouse
Jan Dukes de Grey - Sun Symphonica
Jake Vegas - Naked Kiss
Red Krayola - Stink Program
High Rise - Monster a Go Go
Zoogz Rift - Santa's on a Diet
Oblachnyj Kraj - Vozvrashenie Kazakov iz Dalnego Pohodo
Abner Jay - My Mule

There's a pretty good chance I'll put up some more Voivod this week...or something equally as hard-rockin'.

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