Friday, October 26, 2012

Forte 10-19-12 - 'Incredibly Strange Metal Program 2'

The long-awaited sequel to the radio show I did a year and a half ago....plenty of new shit and old 'outsider' metal classics for ya. Download it or stream it from the WIDR podcast page here.


Dwarr - Are You Real?
Alvin Dahn - You're Driving Me Mad
Coven - Jail House
Mourir et Revenir - Jouissance Ultime
Old Lady Drivers - Supermarket Monstrosity
Malicious Onslaught - Carcassed
Lullaby - Welcome Lucifer
Nuit Noire - I Am a Fairy
Black Hole - Land of Mystery
Black Funeral - Az-i-Dahak (Awake)
The Preachers - My Little Friend
Orthrelm - Untitled #8
Oranssi Pazuzu - Maavaltimo
Doom - Body No Body
Legion - Hold On
Reji Cat JimZ's Christ - Holy War
Woodlan's Edge - The Bloodsoaked Forest
Taist of Iron - Ouija
Black Mayonnaise - Graveyard
Lester Maddox - Egypt (the Chains are Off)
Vorak - Blitzkrieg - Fighting Under the Rune of Triumph
Killer Fox - The Sign
Furze - Demonic Order in the Eternal Fascist's Hall
Heather Leather - Child Molester
Cornbugs - Box 'A Hair
Pharaons - Nagasaki
Lugubrum - De Vette Cuecken
Pan-thy-monium - Thee-Pherenth
Uz jsme doma - Kapka - Droplet
Wolfmangler - Poludnica
Damien Storm - Stormbringer
Kuster - Love a Bit
Celtic Frost - I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient)
Ornaments of Agony - Milarepa
Warning - Warning
Exterminator - Voyage to Hell
Brocas Helm - Hell's Whip
Varghkoghargasmal - The Forest is Whispering

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