Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outsider requests

Hey folks,

Since this blog is actually picking up steam now, and I am an incredibly lazy person when it comes to the internet, I'd like to give you a brief list of some outsider stuff I have but have not uploaded here. Shoot me a message at or leave me a comment here and I will post your request. Also, if there is anything in the 'outsider' spectrum that you've had difficulty finding that you DON'T see in this list, hit me up as I probably have it somewhere.

-Dwarr discography (not just 'Animals')
-Jerry Solomon ('Past the 20th Century' and 'Into the Woods' or whatever it's called)
-3 tracks by Reji Cat JiimZ's Christ (outsider metal)
-Metal Enterprises stuff (i.e. Killer Fox, Thrash Queen, Godzilla, Kalaschnikov, etc.)
-Jim Shepard/V-3 discography
-Harry Perry's 'Greatest Hits of the Millennium'
-the Svaty Vincent album
-Armand Schaubroeck discography
-Mark Tucker discography
-Dead Horse/Michael Haaga discography
-Konrad's 'Evil' album

...these are just a few things that seem as though they'd be enjoyed by the readers of this blog. I've got lots and lots of stuff so by all means, request away.

Also, I've conducted interviews with the following artists that I'd be happy to re-up:

-Mark Tucker
-Anal Cunt (Seth Putnam and Josh Martin)
-Kenneth Higney
-Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets)
-Bobb Trimble


JCS said...

The Dwarr discography and Svaty Vincent album would be awesome, also any Malicious Onslaught that you have would be great too!

Bizarro Jerry said...

I've got one Svaty Vincent album, and two by Malicious Onslaught. I will definitely try to post those this weekend. I'll post one Dwarr album that's not up anywhere, but Duane Warr is a very intense man and I do not want to anger him, so I might not post the WHOE discography.

watchthewater said...

hey man, love your blog, could you upload some jim shepard?? specifically lookin for negotiate nothing and motorcycle movie, havin a really hard time finding em elsewhere