Thursday, October 11, 2012

Obscuro podcasts cont'd x 1,000,000

Only 2 more years to get through...THEN we're finally up to date...

Episode 52 - 1-22-10 CANINUS SUCKS


Brainbombs - Kill Them All
Lil Mac - I Need Wheels
Dr. Michael Dean, the Singing Hypnotist - All of Me
Black Randy and the Metrosquad - I Tell Lies Everyday
ZA! - Doble Cobra
Konrad - My Girl
Caninus - New Yorkie Crew (Loyal Like a Stone)
Black Widow - Conjuration
Wicked Witch - Erratic Behaviour
Pip Proud - Purple Boy Bang
Exuma - We Got to Go
Eddy Detroit - The Vampire
Dean Elliot - Lonesome Road
The Enemy Within (featuring Peter and Mick Green) - Stab the Knife
Jodie Foster - La Vie C'est Chouette
Hall and Reasons - Orbiting
Fire and Ice, Ltd. - The Happening
Afflicted Man - Feeling
L. Ron Hubbard - Funeral for a Planet
First Chips - Pieces
Heathen Dan - I Like
Sound Ceremony - School
R. Stevie Moore - You Love Me Do Something
Jim Shepard - Reveling Finalities
Nicodemus - Self Pity
ESG - Parking Lot Blues
Soggy - Down the Shops
Vermonster - Children of the Sun

Episode 53 - 1-29-10 TADPOLES IN THE BONGWATER


Dandelions - Uncle Harry
Stone Harbour - Battleaxe
Destiny - Too Many Girls
Jim Sullivan - U.F.O.
Dennis Weise - Alien Rock
Cannabis India - Hand of the King
electric eels - Black Leather Rock
Whitewood - Victim of My Mind
Old Lady Drivers - Die in Your Beauty Sleep
Katie Lee - It Must Be Something Psychological
Wesley Willis - Al Capone
Franco Battiato - Energia
Lee Edwards - Maui Girl
Alien City - Dirty Heaven
Negativland - Drink it Up
The Two Pete's - '57 Chevrolet
Bobby Brown - My Dog is Every Bit as Good as Me
Full Dimensional - Tadpoles in the Bongwater
Shawn-Daniel Foreman - Love Inside of Sound
Dorothy Carter - The Squirrel is a Funny Thing...
King Horror - Dracula, Prince of Darkness
Vyto B - Good and Evil Biorhythms
BB Gabor - Moscow Drug Club
Little Howlin' Wolf - Sunny Come Early
Damon - The Night

Episode 54 - 2-5-10 WEIRD DUDE KEEPS CALLING


Dead Horse - Rock Lobster
Roscoe Holland - For a Piece
Ashfordaisyak - Leper in a Tumbledryer
Brian Ruud - From a Bum Trip to..."The Trip Beyond" (section)
The New Creation - Wind
Selvyn Cox - His Name is Jesus
Y. Bhekhirst - Freshing Air
Chris Evans-Ironside (as Hercules) - Crablogger
Helga Minna - Auerhahn Yodel
Tommy Jay - Fear of Shadows
Nova Billy - I Was a Creep
Golden Sunrise w/ Sky Saxon and YaHoWa 13 - Atlantians
Home Boy and the C.O.L. - Funk Yourself to Death
Sun City Girls - Tell Me Something Good
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Nightwalker
QSD - Sweet Enuff
The Spoils of War - Void of Mystery/The Greyness Moves in Quietly
Oliver - In Vain
News from Babel - Auschwitz/Babel
Scum Auxiliary - Con/Text
Sainte Anthony's Fyre - Lone Soul Road
Eddy Detroit - Seed of the Oyster
Let's Go to the Zoo - Let's Go to the Zoo
The Strange - Rick's Song
Garry Higgins - Down on the Farm
Stephen David Heitkotter - Cadillac Woman
When - Extremist Cow

NOTE: As the title says, some guy was bothering me in the station this night. Apparently I put his phone number on the internet. Hahaha.

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