Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full album on the show tonight!

Well, now that all the WIDR-Week craziness is done, I can get back to this second run of shows each featuring a strange album in its entirety. The last one I did was March 5th when I played Black Widow's album "Sacrifice." This time around, I'm thinkin' it'll be one of three things:

Really cool psychedelic album made by some drama geeks in the 60's.

2nd Jerry Solomon album which I haven't heard yet, but promises to be strange.

The Circuit Rider LP...deranged biker-rock.

Any suggestions? I'll probably be askin' when I'm on air, too, because I'm really not sure which one to pull out tonight.

LISTEN from midnight til 2 in the morning TONIGHT.

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J-Unit 1 said...

Hey hey,

I was doing some blog trolling and Mr.Fab was talking about a new lo-fi netlabel that might be up your alley:

I haven't had time to listen to it yet, but the "Carnivorous Birds" album sounded cool.

Anyway, congrats on surviving WIDR week. I'll see you around the way.

J-unit 1