Sunday, April 11, 2010

The O discography, part 4

Alright, so this will be the last part in the Completely O Discography posts. That's not to say Druggy G's post-O output (under the name gONNA gET gOT) aren't worth hearing, because they most definitely are. However, I'd feel a little bad about posting his current projects for free because he desperately needs your monetary contributions.

First, here are the other posts.

In the last edition, The O had just botched a potential deal with giant label Interscope due to bad management and internal conflicts with the overall sound of the band. They decided the best choice would be to part ways, Nepo continuing his forays into electro-pop (one song every year or something like that...dude needs to make a fuckin' ALBUM) and G continued rapping as the aforementioned gONNA gET gOT. Here is an odds-and-ends compilation of O tracks compiled after the fact by the dudes, and the last few O tracks which appeared on various label handouts in the later years. I'll post a compilation of Nepo's solo output thus far (I don't think he'll mind cuz it's a whopping 8 tracks, all of which have been available online for free for some time now) next week sometime, because I don't seem to have it on me now.The O - 'Junk in tha Trunk' LP
Description: 'Raw, unreleased O' as the subheading says. 19 tracks unavailable on any other release by the group, culled from their entire recording career. We've got tracks cut from the original 'Nightmerica' album ('I Wanna Fight Back,' 'Coke,' 'White Gangsta'), newer Nepo solo cuts ('Yer Warpin' Me,' 'The Humans') and tons of other shit.

1. This is the New One2. No School Friday
3. You're Already Dead
4. Some Kidz
5. Yer Warpin' Me6. Singin' in tha Sun
7. The Humans
8. Killers
9. Closed for the Hurricane
10. Summertime 2
11. Fuck Your Party12. Coke
13. White Gangsta (Retardo Mix)
14. Sex = Pressure
15. I Wanna Fight Back
16. The Undead
17. White Gangsta
18. Rage On
19. yo! Straight Man


The O - Extraneous tracks

1. Rockin' U Out
2. Oh Snoopy
3. Get Down 2Nite


Feast on that. Another in a series of Obscuro! downloads. I think next it's time for another mix tape, don't you?


Mike Kaplin said...

Thanks for the awesome writeup and the downloads. Was a little dismayed to see they were AAC instead of MP3 though.

Bizarro Jerry said...

They were AAC?? to me! I thought I uploaded everything in mp3. If you want, I can get you a zip of a particular O album is mp3 the by, are you an O fan from way back?

Mike Kaplin said...

yup, I also got into them from MSI and found a few random mp3s in pretty bad quality back in the day.

Here's some pics from a show MSI did in my town a couple years ago.

If you have some free time, i'd take Mutant Home Demos and/or Nightmarika in mp3 or whatever you think the best is. If not, its cool.

Let me know if you want any music tracker invites.

Bizarro Jerry said...

Yo, Mike:

I don't have the conversion software I need on hand right now, but I did locate this blogpost where you can download both "Nightmerica" and "Mutant Home Demos." I checked both links, and they're both mp3 file format. Enjoy!

Mike Kaplin said...

Awesome thanx for the link.

Conversion software is usually a big no-no anyway, unless its a lossless format like FLAC.

Colin Hill said...

Looks like both of this post's download links are dead too.

Philip Shields said...

still dead D:

Beaver said...

I'd love the bonus tracks zip, I thought I had all of the band's stuff but apparently that handful of songs had escaped me!

Bizarro Jerry said...

sorry, I was asked by someone affiliated with the band not to post this stuff anymore.

Colin Hill said...

That's a shame. I've bought their albums, but the non-album tracks aren't available for purchase anywhere.