Friday, April 9, 2010

Playlist for 4-9-10, featuring Debris' 1975 album "Static Disposal"

...another in a (hopefully) long line of full-album shows, this one featured a REALLY oddball LP. Recorded with studio time they won in a battle of the bands, Oklahoma's Debris sound like really nothing else I can think of, except maybe a LITTLE like Pere Ubu, but a lot wilder. This is their only album and has become something of a classic in the field of proto-punk, so enjoy it. Here's an abridged history of the band that comes from their myspace page:

“The town of Chickasha, OK, might seem an unlikely birthplace of a seminal experimental proto-art-punk band set on pushing the boundaries of rock. In the face of indifference, and even redneck hostility, and lasting only a year, Debris' forged a small legacy with its D.I.Y. ethic and improvised playing style. Charles Ivey and Oliver Powers played various instruments in various bands for several years before the summer of 1975, when they approached drummer Johnny Gregg for a new band. Debris' was quickly launched and by September, they had the first of the four live gigs of their short existence. Their chaotic performance style and dark, quirky sound — influenced by the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, Captain Beefheart, as well as English glam rock — did not endear them to their Oklahoma City-area audiences. At one such show, a Battle of the Bands competition where 50 bands vied for a new sound system, Debris' came in dead last while a cover band took home the prize.At the same time, they took advantage of a 1,590-dollar promotional package from a sound studio, which provided ten hours of recording time and a 1,000 LP pressing. With the lofty ambition to "cut the ultimate record of the decade," they recorded material in two sessions in mid-December and the record was pressed several months later (since released on CD as Static Disposal with much bonus material). The band started to mail it out to various record labels and rock magazines as a demo in hopes of getting a record deal and to more fully realize their project. With early negative reviews and no local support, Debris' disbanded, ahead of their time and in the wrong place. Within a year, more favorable press appeared and CBGB even offered them a gig and a chance to cash in on the burgeoning New York punk scene, but it was already too late.”

So yeah...there ya have it.


Apr 09 - 1:56 AMPhewMappingS/TNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:52 AMHusbandsWho's Got the Pot?DemoCOMING TO K-ZOO IN MAYNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Apr 09 - 1:43 AMWicked WitchFancy Dancer (Previously Unreleased Re-Mix)Chaos 1978-86Noe/d
Apr 09 - 1:36 AMThai OrchestraUnknown (Track 1)70's Thai OrchestraNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:32 AMDebrisBlue GirlsStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:26 AMDebrisTell MeStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:23 AMDebrisFlight TakenStatic DisposalNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Apr 09 - 1:20 AMDebrisManhattanStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:18 AMDebrisNew Smooth LunchStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:17 AMDebrisLeisurely WaitingStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:12 AMDebrisBoyfriendStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:11 AMDebrisTriciaStatic DisposalNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Apr 09 - 1:08 AMDebrisWitnessStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:08 AMDebrisFemale SStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 1:00 AMDebrisOne Way SpitStatic DisposalNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:56 AMMC TrachiotomyYou're on the PhoneWith Love from TahitiNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:50 AMMC TrachiotomyLong to Hold YouWith Love from TahitiNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Apr 09 - 12:44 AM(those last two tracks are playing at the same time, by the way)Noe/d
Apr 09 - 12:43 AMAnton LaVey...On SatanismNat Freedland's Occult ExplosionNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:42 AMRuth WhiteEvening HarmonyFlowers of EvilNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:39 AMEddy DetroitEvil Dark FaceImmortal GodsNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:36 AMDrug ProblemSexually Transmitted Text MessageS/TNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:26 AMMadrigalTambulaS/TNoBizarro Jerrye/d
Apr 09 - 12:19 AMFreddie BlassiePencil Neck GeekI Bite the Songs...Noe/d
Apr 09 - 12:17 AMLinval Thompson and Big JoeSmoke MarijuanaRockers from Channel One compilationNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:14 AMNobunnyI Am a GirlfriendLove VisionsrequesticalYese/d
Apr 09 - 12:10 AMFlugeldarI Wish You Were a Puppy ForeverBrothers Find Your BrothersNoe/d
Apr 09 - 12:05 AMSvaty VincentAbsolutni VedomiS/TNoBizarro Jerrye/d
...and there are two songs not listed that started the program: "The Banker" by L. Ron Hubbard from his soundtrack to the book 'Battlefield Earth,' and Sensational's "I Like Crispies"...some REALLY deranged hip hop.

Tracklist for the Debris album:

1. One Way Spit
2. Female S
3. Witness
4. Tricia
5. Boyfriend
6. Leisurely Waiting
7. New Smooth Lunch
8. Manhattan
9. Flight Taken
10. Tell Me
11. Blue Girls

...more of The O's discography coming in a few days. If you don't like that, shoot me a comment and let me know what you'd like...I'll see if I can find it. As long as it's not something dumb like 'Oh, let me download a Silverchair album'...not that they're a bad band, but they're just not...well, you get the point.

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