Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rap attack?

Well, because the album I'm playing tonight is a hip hop album, I decided to just fill up two hours of airtime with oddball, obscure, and underground rap music. I did this before (when I covered one of the hip hop guys' shows) but that left me free to play some more well-known stuff, too. This time around, I dug out the absolute weirdest, most out-of-the-ordinary stuff I could find. 'Like what,' you ask?

-A middle-aged accountant who raps about killing Santa Claus and all the 'hos' he has.
-Drug-damaged southern rap
-Novelty raps from the 1980's about Freddy Krueger
...and obviously a ton more, too. Also, there won't be too many similarities between this and the rap mixtape I prepared a while back, because that would be boring, right?

So make sure to tune in to WIDR tonight from midnight til 2 am for Bizarro Jerry's other-dimension hip hop party.

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