Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall music II.

Since blogspot now allows me to see how many people view each post, I can tell which ones are most popular...apparently the one on 'fall music' a couple weeks ago was well-liked, so I'm doing a second installment since fall is basically upon us...
Wipers - 'Over the Edge'

Most definitely my favorite Wipers release. The first three albums are unquestionably some of the greatest punk music ever released. This'un saw main fella Greg Sage basically cutting all the lows out of his recordings in order to make a creepy, tinny sounding album. Don't go into this thinking it's gonna be some fast three-chord bullshit since I called it 'punk....' it's punk in the way that Mission of Burma is 'punk.'
Type O Negative - 'October Rust'

Some people think this band is laughable, but they're fucking stupid. That's not to say they weren't hilarious when they wanted to be. Although this is a pretty serious album (and one of their most depressing), it was conceived as a 'pop-goth metal' project...basically a 'sell-out' album, according to band members. Whatever the case, 'Love You to Death' is one of the all-time highest points (and most melodic) of the doom metal genre.
Circle of Ouroborus - 'Eleven Fingers'

I put these guys on my Incredibly Strange Metal compilation...this album is on a totally different trip. It's not quite black metal, it's not quite kinda sounds like a post-punk band playing black metal, but not in the boring hipster way...The whole thing is lo-fi in a really odd way that's like being sucked into a rainstorm.
Mission of Burma - 'Vs.'

...speaking of post-punk, this classic is a definite 'fall weather' album. Loud, dissonant, melodic and challenging all at once. These guys had the advantage of being in a proto-punk band (the Ann Arbor-based Sproton Layer) so they'd already figured out what they wanted to do by the time independent rock took off. Still rocking out to this day, and putting out decent music.
Deftones - 'White Pony'

If you don't know much about these guys aside from their affiliation with the 'nu-metal' scene, definitely check this one out. More like an amped-up Cure than Korn, the Deftones are one of the only popular metal groups in recent years that really tried something different. I can't say a bad thing about them...even the new album 'Diamond Eyes' is rockin', and 'Adrenaline' is the best so-called 'rap metal' thing out there.
Butthole Surfers - 'Rembrandt Pussyhorse'

Okay, not ALL of this album is great for fall, but it's definitely the Surfers' most 'post-punk' release, and also one of their more melodic. Tracks like 'Whirling Hall of Knives' are hypnotizing without being boring. Modern day 'noise rock' bands could take a cue from classics like this.
Iron Maiden - 'Killers'

Without a doubt my favorite Iron Maiden release. In fact, I can't stand much of their stuff outside of this and the debut LP. Paul Di'Anno was the shit and Bruce Dickinson can suck it. Maybe I only associate this with fall because of Halloween (like Sabbath) but who cares.

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