Thursday, September 20, 2012

Incredibly strange metal again...

Since I had so many extra tracks when I made this post that I decided to make ANOTHER 'Incredibly Strange Metal' compilation.


1. Horse Latitudes - 'Necrophilia'
Basically your typical doom metal band...except with two basses, no guitars, and a completely deranged vocalist.

2. Hatebeak - 'Beak of Putrefaction'
A black metal band fronted by a bird??? Yes, the idea is quite similar to that metalcore band fronted by two pitbulls, but this doesn't sound as bad.

3. Kalaschnikov - 'Kill Your Neighbor'
The Metal Enterprises stuff was pretty heavily covered by the guy who made the original ISM compilation, but this is one of the original groups...NOT the horrible 'follow up' album created by the ME folks. Lo and behold, the original band is just as ridiculous. It sounds like some guys had a few jams they wanted to record, then just improvised lyrics over it. Some of the stupidest shit you'll ever hear.

4. Black Mayonnaise - 'Narcotic Fog'
Gurgling, downtuned 'doom metal' made by a possibly insane guy. Some of their stuff doesn't even really sound like music, but this track is really creepy. I think it's got singing...

5. Brainstorm - 'My Total Vision'
Some kind of a band from Norway...I'm not really sure WHAT kind, though. Sounds like legit Norweigian folk musicians with a black metal guitarist. This is really really weird.

6. Mana Mana - 'Ilmestyskirjan Peto'
Pretty standard doom from Finland, but the singer was a legitimate psychopath. Apparently he went catatonic after the recording of their one and only full length, and eventually committed suicide. The few songs in English have some VERY odd lyrics.

7. Satanic Corpse - 'Blue Rotted Skin of the Corpse'
Similar to the Lullaby track from the last post, but only in theory. They are both weird foreign chicks who make solo recordings and post naked pictures of themselves on metal websites, but Satanic Corpse is much more influenced by black metal than Lullaby. This stuff just sounds incredibly off.

8. Warpigs - 'One Way'
Absolutely ridiculous power metal from Germany. The music is rudimentary at best, but the singer is something else.

9. Striborg - 'Wrapped in a Cacoon Out of Harm's Way'
I've talked about this dude before, but for the record, he's a loner from the Australian outback who makes incredibly creepy black metal. He's been called 'the Jandek of black metal,' and that's not too horrible a comparison, although I'd rather listen to him than Jandek most days.

10. Godorrhoea - 'Studio Demo 1989'
Grindcore from the UK that's so lo-fi you can barely tell what's going on. In fact, I think there is a good deal more than one song here...

11. Dawnfall - 'II'
More 'outsider' black metal. This isn't as enjoyable to listen to as Striborg, but it certainly is interesting. The instruments aren't always in time, which is probably because it's another one-man affair, but there are some creepy sounds here.

12. Victim - 'Framtid med Hopp'
Think this is from Finland...a very early track. This single is worth a lot of money because it's rare, but don't let that trick's godawful. The drummer is the worst part, but the singer just has NO voice...he just kind of yawns the words out. The whole thing is really off-kilter, and is a lot more fun to hear than you might think.

13. Exoskeleton - 'Death Orgasm'
This, however, is absolutely NOT fun to hear. Overly-simplistic sludge-metal, that seems vaguely pretentious. A perfect instance of hipsters trying to make 'artsy' metal and pissing everybody off. Oh well, at least we can all laugh at them together.

14. Heather Leather - 'Child Molester'
Definitely the most fun track here. Straight up, rockin' power metal from an all-girl group, but the lyrics totally rule. Give it a few plays and you'll be chanting 'He's a child molester! Drop dead!' right along with 'em.

15. Eerie Von - 'Madonnica Diabolita'
This guy played in Samhaim and Danzig...not sure if he still does, though. Whatever the case, he's an old accomplice of Glenn Danzig. His solo recordings, mostly done on a 4-track from what I understand, are not really anything like Danzig despite the lyrical content. I'm going to call it minimalist creep-metal. Sometimes he sounds a little more like a rockabilly troubadour than Black Sabbath, but the best tracks are when he's right in the middle.

16. Al-Namrood - Sadam, Ramz Al Btula
Black metal from Saudi Arabia. Kind of has the same feel as the pop music I've heard from Thailand, in that it doesn't really make sense. Yes, it vaguely sounds like Darkthrone, but there are some distinctly middle-eastern melodies here, and it's just an overall interesting take on the genre, probably by another one-man-band.



William K said...

I've just discovered this fantastic blog. Thanks a million. Would you re-up the Incredibly Strange Metal comps?

Unknown said...

Any chance of a reup of this one?