Saturday, September 15, 2012

More classicks

Three more Obscuro podcasts from the days of yore...



Ram John Holder - Wimpy Bar Blues
Wild Man Fischer - The Mope
Bob Bell - Necropolis, Pt. 4
Wink D. ft. Candy Fresh - Revenge
Bingo Gazingo and My Robot Friend - You're Out of the Computer
The Lat-Teens - Now You Know
Dwarr - Just Keep Running
To See the World Through Jewish Eyes - I'm Proud to Be a Jew
Dennis the Fox - Piledriver
Black Widow - Come to the Sabbat
Einstein's Creation - Bacon Bits
The Redcoats - Home by Eleven
Former Fetus - Former Fetus
Michael Yonkers - The Day is Through
Uganda - Na Tu Penda Sana
The Sun Also Rises - Death
Johnny Meeskite - Ugly
The Rabble - The Crushing Hand of Mother
Cameron Paul - Suite Rhythm
Gore - The Bank
Kan Mikami - Track 3 (Title in Japanese)
Crime - Murder by Guitar
John Townsend - Elvis was the Biggest Thing
Legion - Fire

Episode 50 - 1-8-10


Erica Pomerance - You Used to Think
Wesley Willis - The Frogs
Konrad - People
Rebirth Brass Band - You Don't Want to go to War
Touchstone - Carve Your Path
Renaldo and the Loaf - Ow! Stew the Red Shoe
Bob McFadden and Dor - The Mummy
West Bank Coalition - Pass Da Nine
Bill Bissett and th Mandan Massacre - Fires in th Tempul
Shinki Chen - It Was Only Yesterday
Jimi LaLumia and the Psychotic Frogs - Mangle Me
Y. Bhekhirst - Hot in the Airport
The Godz - Radar Eyes
Palmer Rockey - (unknown track)
Pedigree Dolls - Sindy Meets the Dollybeats
The O - Outsiderz
Mij - Grok (Martian Love Call)
Wicked Lady - Let's Talk Passion
Katie Lee - Will to Fail
Oblachnyj Kraj - Svobodi Zahoteli
Snakefinger - I Come from an Island
Jerry Rayson - Rocbuafro with L.S.D.
Little Markie - King of the Jungle
Gasoline Stew and the Dump - Two Tack Thumber
Mark Tucker - 1964 Cadillac
Jandek - Spanish in Me 993
Lutefisk - Conquer (Negative Thoughts and Feelings) Forever
Bitter Blood Street Theatre - Going Dancing
Ken Nordine - Flesh

Episode 51 - 1-15-10 OBSCURO 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY


Chris Evans-Ironside - Hercules
Pat Morris - We're Diabetic
The Moonbillies - The 'Lectronic Brain
Fun-Da-Mental - Cookbook DIY
Sammy Hall - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hell (I Got Saved, Saved, Saved)
Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love
Logic Bomb - Did You Say Zigelmorph?
Dion McGregor - Mustard Battle
Primus - Here Come the Bastards
Tommy Jay - Village Idiot
Abner Jay - Cocaine Blues
Wipers - No One Wants an Alien
AxCx - Saving Ourselves for Marriage
Roky Erickson and the Aliens - Bloody Hammer
High Speed and the Afflicted Man - Sun Sun
Robbie the Werewolf - Lucifer
Killer Fox - Running Blade
The Singing Doctors - Hemorrhoids
Eddie Callahan - Paper Rain
Skip Spence - Diana
Kenneth Higney - I Wanna Be the King
MC J' Ro J' - Let's Jump
Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs
Dr. John - Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart - 200 Years Old
Dale Jenkins - Blind Faith
The Shaggs - Who Are Parents

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