Sunday, November 28, 2010

Films 1

Well, if you haven't guessed from past posts (i.e. this Halloween one), I am just as into movies (good ones) as I am to music. And, if you could guess from the content of this site, most of the movies I watch are out-of-the-ordinary in some way...mostly because ordinary stuff is pretty boring. I hope that doesn't sound 'pretentious,' because I love 'Airheads' just as much as I love 'Gummo.'

Anyhow, here are a few films I've watched recently (some old and some new) that I thought were worth mentioning.
Cemetery Man (1994)
REALLY odd film I watched accidentally when trying to find a good horror film on the night of Halloween. It's actually a whole lot more than that. There are elements of comedy, romance, satire, drama, and surrealism as well. Plus, it's just a damn good story. A caretaker at a cemetery and his basically-mute sidekick have to 'kill' the dead, who awake after 7 days of being in the ground. Along the way, he meets the love of his life (several times) and kills her each time.
Trash Humpers (2009)
Newest 'film' from Harmony Korine, who brought us 'Gummo' (awesome) and the screenplay for 'Kids' (hated it). I always give this fella a chance because a) he's almost certainly batshit crazy and b) 'Gummo' was such a fucked-up and cool movie. This one, while not nearly as cool as that, is still pretty badass. Basically a 'home video'-type film that features a bunch of broken segments of some elderly people fucking shit up and talking smack to each other and young kids. I'm not really sure what the underlying message is, but it looks like Harmony and co. had fun making this, and there are some really creepy and disturbing scenes.The Dark Backward (1991)
Dunno how I never heard of this one before. It's the writer/director of 'Detroit Rock City' (although it's nothing like that film) and it features Bill Paxton and Judd Nelson. It's about two garbage men, one a horrible stand up comic and the other a pushy weirdo with an accordion, and their trials and tribulations on the way to stardom (including a number of fat women and an arm growing out of Judd Nelson's back). Weird weird weird, fucking weird. But good.

I'll post some more of these probably.

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