Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forte 6, new stuff by Electric Wizard, Atheist and Ghost

Normally I don't get really excited about new releases because most music that comes out sucks, but the last couple weeks were an exception. So, I played 4 cuts from 3 new releases I thought kicked some serious ass.

You can see my review of Electric Wizard's 'Black Masses' in the post previous to this one. Besides that, I played 4 cuts from Atheist's new (released on the 8th) album 'Jupiter,' their first since 93(?)'s 'Elements' (which wasn't all that great.) THIS one, however, finds the return of the Atheist from the classic 'Unquestionable Presence,' with more emphasis on the vocal stylings of Kelly Schafer (who is now just a vocalist, instead of guitarist and vocalist...he's got carpal tunnels.) There aren't any 'new' sounding effects or production techniques (like on the new Cynic album), which I really appreciate because I hate that shit.

Also, I played 4 cuts from Ghost's debut release, 'Opus Eponymous.' This isn't the same Japanese Ghost that plays psychedelic rock, obviously. This is a bunch of mysteriously unknown black metal guys from Scandinavia (maybe the fellas in Repugnance? Who knows...) who play, what sounds to me, like ELO doing the vocals for tunes played by Cathedral that King Diamond wrote. Huh? Odd, melodic, over-the-top satanic, and HEAVY rock music. I like it a lot.

So, that stuff made up the bulk of this week's playlist, and you can download the podcast here.


Black Hole - Demoniac City

Anaal Nathrakh - I am the Wrath of Gods and the Desolation of the Earth Music

from Electric Wizard's 'Black Masses':
The Nightchild

Satyr IX

Venus in Furs

Turn Off Your Mind

Gomorha - Malefice (In Memory of the Dead)

Cyanide - Haunted

Control Denied - Breaking the Broken
(New from Relapse)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Nobody Weird Like Me

Humanfly - Stew for the Murder Minded

from Atheist's 'Jupiter':
Fictitious Glide

Third Person

Live and Live Again

Tortoise the Titan

Autopsy Torment - Blasphemy Priest

Darkthrone - Skald Av Satans Sol

Cough - Crooked Spine
(New from Relapse)
Soil - Broken Wings

Eternal Frost - Awaiting thy Infernal Horde

Death Vomit - Death Vomit

from Ghost's 'Opus Eponymous':


Stand By Him

Con Clavi Con Dio

GWAR - Death Pod

Dataclast - Disgorged

Kinghorse - As I Stand


Deceased - A Witness to Suspiria

Banished - Skinned

Ministry - Burning Inside

Skrew - Indestructible

...all sortsa good stuff. I've got downloads coming soon, too.


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