Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forte 7, half of a half-assed show

The podcast stuff messed up again, so there's only about half of this show, but it's HERE and it might be mono too...dunno. Lots of stuff from new releases, and also lots of classic thrash-type stuff. I heard this record called 'The Bad Wife' by Julie Christmas that just came out and decided it was really cool, so I played a metallic cut from that and some songs from her other projects (Battle of Mice, Made Out of Babies) which also feature peoples from Dillinger Escape Plan and Neurosis. Good stuff. That's the crazy-looking lady in the picture above. Here's the trax:

Buzzov-en - Useless
Bathory - The Golden Walls of Heaven
Exemption - Hyperspiral
Burzum - Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn
Southgang - Shoot Me Down (request)
Battle of Mice - At the Base of the Giant's Throat
Cancer - Into the Acid
Amorphis - Drowned Maid
Julie Christmas - Bow
Mael Mordha - Godless Commune of Sodom
Human Filleted - Blunt Force Embludgeonment
Funeral - Taarene
Carcass - Excoriating Abdominal Emanation
Arts - I Am Ye Charged Black Candle Cursings
Helmet - Rude
Budgie - Homicidal Suicidal
Megadeth - Skull Beneath the Skin
Malveillance - Crispation
Malveillance - Hantise
Deathspell Omega - Abscission
Egypt - Queen of All Time (Red Giant)
Made Out of Babies - Grimace
Jabladav - Frozen Black Forest
Brutal Truth - I See Red

(the podcast probably stops somewhere around here)

Vegas Martyrs - Even Looking South
Biohazard - What Makes Us Tick?
Threat - Insane
Ensiferum - Smoking Ruins
Brujeria - Cruza la Frontera
Faith No More - Spirit
Nile - Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
Murmur - The Fall
Shrum - Generation Hate
Blood - Sangre

...I've got nothing else, although I think I'm going to start posting the playlists and podcast link to my other show Society's Fault here, too...

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