Friday, February 22, 2013

Bizarro Jerry's Trash Radio, Vol. 14

Alright, this is officially the FINAL edition of Trash Radio that will be broadcast on radio. I might do some internet-only podcasts, but this is the last WIDR broadcast. HERE YA GO:


Steven Halpern - Starting the Day, Side A
Divine Styler - Touch
Esham - Flatline
Phil Famous - Toyota Town
DJ Squeeky - Bass
Leeroy "Horsemouth" Wallace - Herb Vendor
Night Troll - Dungeon Forest
211 - That's How We Livin'
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires - Yesu Ka Mkwebaze
Sir Positive - Dubbin' in a Smoky Room
Robert Martin - Long Goodbye
Ganksta Nip - Horror Movie Rap
DJ Sound - Playa Type
Slava Ranko - Right Hemisphere
Mort Garson - Easy to Be Hard
Kris Kross - Sound of My Hood
Mikey Dread - Walk Rastafari Way
Prince - Dirty Mind
Amy Beth and the Jumpstarts - Hero for the 90's
These Trails - Our House in Hanalei
Lil Yo - Ride Heavy
Digable Planets - Black Ego
King Gordy - Hindi Horrorcore (excerpt)
The HATE Noise - New Drunz in the Dunk Tank
DJ Paul - Drop it Off
The Everyday Film - Elapsed
Relatively Clean Rivers - Easy Ride
Nu Imij - I'll Walk an Indoor Mile
T.J. Fournier - Black Hearted Woman
Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz
New Kingdom - Animal
Sir Positive - Grounded
My Bloody Valentine - Only Tomorrow
Tricky - Hell is Round the Corner

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