Friday, February 15, 2013

'Former Fetus - A Rock Opera'

More downloadable weirdness for ya....

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On to today's release:

I can't find any info on this whatsoever. Sorry. I must've found it from somebody's music blog years back, because I have it, and it exists, but beyond that, I have no idea. I remember the description on whatever site I got it from called it 'Neil Young meets hardcore,' which is's got some country-rock twang, and it's definitely punk rock, but that leaves out the glaring fact that it's a religious rock opera against abortion, probably made by one guy, which puts it squarely in the realm of OUTSIDER MUSIC, which I know is why y'all come here.

I think this came out sometime in the mid-90's...96 maybe? Sounds like these guys/guy listened to a LOT of Minutemen/Meat Puppets/Husker Du 80's psych-punk stuff. The singing especially sounds like Husker Du, and the concept lyrics remind me of 'Zen Arcade' a bit, but there's definitely something off here....I mean, generally speaking, most punks AREN'T pro-lifers, but the lyrics are so so so angry, it's almost ridiculous.

Anyhow. Give it a shot. It's a very creative, sloppy, inventive punk record if nothing else.

'Former Fetus - A Rock Opera'

1. Overture
2. Former Fetus
3. I'm Free
4. Live and Nesting
5. Under the Bridge
6. Twilight Zone
7. I'm a Mom
8. Love
9. After the Rapture
10. Acoustic Nerve
11. Former Fetus (reprise)


PS - A reader linked me to his site, and now I'm linking YOU to it:

Bleeding Skull film reviews

Apparently a treasure trove of no-budget 80's trash films, which is something I am quite fond of. If you thought 'Street Trash' or 'Slime City' were too high-budget, check out some of these flicks. I already know I'm going to be wasting a fair amount of time looking these releases up.

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