Friday, February 1, 2013

Shameless self promotion again...

For those who are new to the blog, I am, above all else, a musician. I listen to a lot of music, which is why I keep doing this website, but most of my time is spent writing and recording my own stuff.

That being said, I've just released my first official full-length under the name The HATE Noise. Previously, I'd been in a band called Coma Nova that played around Kalamazoo/West Michigan a lot, but we split, and I did my own thing. This particular album was mostly recorded on cassette 4-track with me playing everything, and I guess was influenced by Guided By Voices, 60's surf music and The Cure, since that's what I was listening to. I tried to keep a strong 'old-timey' vibe...dunno....regardless, I think some of you that read this blog would dig it.

Here it is, in pay-what-you-like downloadable format on my Bandcamp page.

If you dig my stuff, I've got like 5 albums-worth of stuff available for free on WFMU's Free Music Archive.

...that's my plug...we're working on a rap/hip hop project, so I'll plug that in a couple months here....

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