Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lil Yo - 'Youngsta's On a Come Up'

Here's a weird one...this kid apparently grew up to be Yo Gotti, who's a pretty well-respected rapper these days. Back in 93/94(?) however, he was doin' that lo-fi creep sound that Three 6 Mafia is so famous for. The weird thing about this tape (I'm assuming it was originally a tape release) is that it almost has a vaporwave/James Ferraro quality to the music. It's very electronic and amateurish. I'm not sure who made the beats, but it definitely wasn't no DJ Paul. The whole vibe is just very've got this like 12 year old kid rapping about murder over these way-too-syrupped-out beats. More or less, it's right up my alley, and it doesn't appear to be anywhere on the internet aside from the message board I got it off, so here it izzz for ya.

Lil Yo - 'Youngsta's On a Come Up'


1. Grave Digger
2. Ride Heavy
3. The Dungeon
4. Funky Town
5. 9 To Yo Dome
6. Stackin' Them G's
7. Ridge Crest



JCS said...

Absolutely loving this, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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