Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rapidshare suxxx

Sorry guys...but Rapidshare is really starting to suck. Apparently it doesn't let anybody download the stuff I put up I'm thinking I've 'exhausted my public traffic' as they like to say.

Links from now on will be 4Shared, which hasn't fucked me around too much. Only thing is, I had trouble downloading files with 4Shared before I made an account, so, ya might have to just enter a quick e-mail/login name. TRUST ME, it's worth it. Half the time, if I want something, I just type 'bla bla bla 4 shared' into google and find it instantly. It's a Mediafire for 2013, so to speak.


Costanzo said...

Hey dude, try making your RS folder public, RS recently made every folder private in one fell swoop. Just helpin' out!

Bizarro Jerry said...

Good call, moved 'em all to a public folder...should work for now.