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Bizarro Jerry's Kutout Bin Klassics, Vol. 7

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It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I finally found a not-scratched-up copy of one of my favorite rock records of all time, so it's goin' up here. The group in question is Chicago's Muchacha. Part of a thriving 90's punk scene, these guys never made it outside of semi-regular college radio rotation, and what a shame that is. In my opinion, this 1997 self-titled album is every bit as rockin' and well-written as say, 'Nevermind.' I mean, Kurt Cobain's cult of personality aside, they were basically just a really good punk band, which is what Muchacha strives to be.

That goddamn GUITAR tone, though! It's almost like the guys from Kyuss wanted to write a pop-punk album without changing ANYTHING about their sound. The guitar is so fucking loud and crunchy that it gives a metal vibe to these decidedly non-metal songs. The singer/guitarist, Alex Acevedo, also has that great smoked-out voice that made so many second-rate grunge albums listenable. He's sneering, in your face, and drops alternately violent and apathetic lines like 'I wanna rip up your face' and 'I'll take a backseat for my education.' As a bonus, there's a Guided By Voices cover ('Gold Star for Robot Boy') that I actually like BETTER than the GBV original. I'm a huge GBV fan, by the way, so that's a pretty big compliment to these guys.

Muchacha also had a second album that I've only heard a couple tracks from, but I was fairly disappointed because they amped up the pop-punk shtick and put a radio-rock shine on everything. Whatever, most bands can only DREAM of having a record as good as this one.

Muchacha - 'S/T'


1. Evelyn Mason
2. Cashed Out
3. Ugly Truth
4. Coffin Girl
5. Dead Right
6. Joy Ride
7. Lost Again
8. Horse Power
9. Lou Reed's Dead
10. Checkered Past
11. Gold Star for Robot Boy
12. Sub-Zero
13. Elephant Shoes/Hidden Track


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