Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forte 10...a big fat hen?

I dunno...Just another week's show. Nothin' spectacular, I guess. Played a couple Voivod tracks I hadn't played on the show before. Lots of black metal and grindcore...LOTS of lo-fidelity.


Pantheist - Sloth
Magrudergrind - Conditioned Minds
Wall of Sleep - Into the Light
Forgotten Spell - The Storm of Crying Funeral Souls
Death Angel - Thrashers
Iron Butter - Swish
Windhand - Wintersun
Watchtower - Tyrants in Distress
Voivod - Inner Combustion
Dehumanized Earth - Gaspillage
Skullcrusher - Lost in My Mind
Ghast - Terrible Cemetery
Down - Bury Me in Smoke
Encoffination - The Sacrament of Offering
Candy Striper Death Orgy - Holocaustic
Necrophagist - Seven
Voivod - Nothingface
Karg - Ereignishorizont
Gallhammer - State of Gloom
Torture Chain - Part II of 'Across Great Landscapes to a Legacy of Blood'
Black Steel - Slaughterhouse
Fudge Tunnel - Sunshine of Your Love
Unmen - Wishful Thinking
Entombed - Blood Song
Untimely Demise - Streets of Vice
Arraigo - Crias de Crias
Kiss - Hard Times
Therion - Morbid Reality
Wrnlrd - Blood
Deathspeed - The Day of Doom

I won't be doing this show on Christmas Eve because it's late at night and by that time I'll be out of town. Still. Society's Fault, eh? 3-5 pm? I'll be there. The group Windhand that I played during this show comes highly recommended. That's all.

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