Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shameless self promotion...The HATE Noise on Pleonasm!

Occasionally, I put up some of my own music for download here. This time, it actually overlaps with previous program on WIDR (Obscuro!--where this site's name comes from)...sort of. A lot of the oddball shit I gathered for that program came from THIS website. This dude does an 'incorrect music' program on WFMU in Jersey and looks for all types of homemade stuff to post on his site/play on his show. I was actually turned onto this site by a fellow WIDR DJ (J-Unit from the Deuce Project, I do believe) and thought it would probably be a good outlet for some of my recording endeavors. I sent Mr. Cummings a 2-disc set of my recordings under the guise of The HATE Noise, and he wrote back, wondering if we could do two compilations--one of sociopathic rap jams (which I had plenty of) and one of musical crank calls (there was only one of these on the original disc.)

So, we put up the rap stuff.

...then I took my damn sweet time organizing a few crank-call sessions. Here are the results. Apparently, they're so funny that we get to do another round (or two, or three!)

Both these posts have full-length album downloads, and apparently they're getting around because one of our rap tunes turned up in some beer-brewing guy's podcast, and like 3200 people have listened to the shit. Crazy.

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