Sunday, December 12, 2010

Forte 9, feelin' fine

...and I dropped some more metal on ya this week, too. Didn't really do too much preparation, but there were still surprisingly few errors. Also, an incredibly bizarre EP in its entirety by a 'pagan, experimental' black metal band from the Ukraine called Brainstorm.



Deep Purple - Highway Star
Apolion's Genocide - La Torre de Amon
Black Dahlia Murder - Closed Casket Requiem (request)
Eyehategod - Shinobi
Death - Evil Dead
Saxon - 747 (Strangers in the Night)
Thorr-Axe - Sundering of the Frost Giant

Brainstorm - Coifrtcilmee
Brainstorm - My Total Vision
Brainstorm - Fiery Ritual

Metallica - The Four Horsemen (request)
Wormphlegm - Tomb of the Ancient King
Celtic Frost - Dawn of Meggido
Dillinger Escape Plan - 43% Burnt
Time Crypt - Cursed Electrospirit
Killed by Indians - Someone That
Purtenance - Black Vision
White Zombie - Demonspeed
Atlantean Kodex - Pilgrim
Church of Misery - Ripping into Pieces
Holy Terror - Immoral Wasteland
Reencarnacion - Nexus Universalis
Hallow - V
Vulcano - Spirits of Evil
Burzum - Kaimadalthas' Nedstigning (request)
Darkthrone - Graven Takeheimens Saler (request)
Dead Horse - Peaceful Death
Tormentor - Trance
Wheelfall - Through the Desert
Faith No More - The Morning After

That's th' 'ole fuck'n thing. A few requests, and a few repeats, but not too horrible of a show.

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