Monday, December 13, 2010

Self promotion...round 2

Okay, so I just dug this CD out of the dirtpile and figured I would throw it up here. It's one of the (in my opinion) best recordings I've ever played on. Too bad we never found a bassist and disintegrated after about 3 months of playing. The group was called Apres Cote...which I think means 'before coast' in French, but it sounds kinda like Apricot if you say it, which was our intent. This is a 5-song EP, partly done live to 2-track reel tape and partly done in Pro-Tools. Quality stuff, I reckon. We even pretended it was 1973 to all our friends to suit our 'retro' vibe. It probably wasn't much fun for anybody but us.

Apres Cote - 1810 Charles EP


1. (F)Untitled
2. Crispin Glover
3. The Gray Man in Trouble
4. Bono Fell Off the Edge
5. Pastor of Muppets


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