Saturday, November 3, 2012

2 albums by Malicious Onslaught

Here are the two studio albums by Malicious Onslaught, a death metal band from New York formed in 1986. 'Brutal Gore' is the more well-known of the two, but not necessarily in a positive way. Supposedly, this is one of the worst metal albums of all time, though I don't think that's really true. The musicians are perfectly capable, and the band has a competent (if generic) death/grind sound. Most people cite the production as the real problem here. It does indeed sound like the band hired some drugged-out hippy to record the album...effects that have no place in death metal constantly pop up...odd clips and synths...all sorts of pitch-shifted delay and whatnot...kind of like the engineer deliberately ruined the record. I do think, however, the production is what SAVES this album, because it keeps it from being another faceless death/grind album, and sends it into the realm of 'totally fucked.'

What's even stranger is that, upon doing some research, I found their first, lesser-known album 'Rebellious Mayhem.' This one is pretty similar to 'Brutal Gore' in terms of production and playing, which makes the production on THAT album all the more baffling. Why work with what sounds like the SAME ENGINEER when he completely fucked up your first album, too? These two albums are very interesting if you've had any sound-engineering experience. Just listen and think about how some of these decisions got made...very confusing.

Malicious Onslaught - 'Rebellious Mayhem' - 1992

1. Transgressor
2. Beyond Evil
3. Rebellious Mayhem
4. Emotional Death
5. Extinction of God
6. Speculate the Future
7. Thrashed Black
8. Revenge of the Innocent


Malicious Onslaught - 'Brutal Gore' - 1994

1. The Morgue
2. Satanic Killing
3. Blademare
4. Submerged in Silence
5. Carcassed
6. Brutal Gore
7. Internal Decay
8. Productive Destruction



Dan Budnik said...

Love the site. Could you please re-up the Malicious Onslaught albums? Thank you.

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Bizarro Jerry said...

Fixing these links tonight, should be up in a couple hours from now. Also, went to your site, first thing I saw was 'Hard Rock Zombies,' so I'm sold.

Bizarro Jerry said...

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

I used to have a copy of "Ganjasaurus Rex". It was lost in a move. I'll ask my fellow writers on the site if they can get me a copy for you.


Bizarro Jerry said...

Excellent! 'Tis much appreciated. Also, 'Stunt Rock' is your review for that and watched it last night.

Dan B. said...

"Stunt Rock" is one of my favorites. If you have a bad day or you're feeling down, "Stunt Rock" is one of those perfect films to put on and just let the good flow around you. If you can see it on a big screen, do. Immediately.

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