Monday, November 12, 2012

Nu-metal appreciation week 2 - Union Underground, (Hed) PE and Snot

So here's another one of these posts.

I'm sorry if you aren't amused by nu-metal like I am. I 'came of age' in the late 90's, when this shit was all over the place. My goal here isn't exactly to make fun of nu-metal because, obviously, the last post was the Deftones, who I love. Moreso, I'm showin' ya some of the more 'essential' albums from this genre. I mean, you're not going to find any Limp Bizkit or Korn here, because fuck those guys.

First up, we've got the debut (and only) release from the Texas band Union Underground, 'An Education in Rebellion.' I remember hearing 'Turn Me On, Mr. Deadman' at a friend's house and being pretty impressed by it, but I was in 7th grade. Looking back, these guys are kind of a watered-down Marilyn Manson specially packaged for mall dorks, but they really weren't too bad. I'd rather listen to this album than Manson's stuff, honestly. It's kind of like generic industrial metal crossed with generic grunge-rock with a pinch of generic rap-metal riffage. Nothing very original, obviously, but how can you not want to rock out to a song that has the lyric 'trippin' like a fuckhead?'

Other great lyrics:

'Come on, come on, come on, get up, get up, south Texas deathride, you motherfuck.'
'Look at this, a little faggot is a millionaire.'
'I get so high that I trip with Jesus.'
...need I go on? C' NEED this one.

The Union Underground - '...An Education in Rebellion'

1. ...An Education in Rebellion
2. Drivel
3. South Texas Deathride
4. Turn Me On, Mr. Deadman
5. Until You Crack
6. Killing the Fly
7. Natural High
8. Revolution Man
9. Trip With Jesus
10. Bitter
11. The Friend Song


Next is the debut, self-released EP by (Hed) PE, 'Church of Realities.' In my eyes, these guys were always a little more legit than your average 'rap-rock' group. First of all, they started way earlier (1994...that's like the stone age in rap metal years)...they also had a black dude rapping/yelling. Before your PC-alarm goes off, think about where rap music came from, now try and name another black rap-metal vocalist. I can think of two. ANYHOW. They call themselves 'g-punk' nowadays, and all they do is complain about how they 'found' this sound first and they're way better than 'all those other bands.' Whatever. This and their first official disc are pretty cool. Solid rapping, and a singer who sounds legitimately crazy, unlike Jonathan Davis.

(Hed)PE - 'Church of Realities' EP

1. Intro
2. 1st Song
3. Hangman
4. Darky
5. IFO
6. Ground
7. Spam
8. Hill
9. (Untitled)


Lastly, one of my alltime favorite albums, the debut (and, sadly, only disc) by Snot. This band's career was tragically cut short by the death of the vocalist Lynn Strait (and his cool-ass dog) when they were hit by a drunk driver. Maybe they would've gotten totally lame on album two like so many other bands, but if you've ever heard Amen (which features basically the whole instrumental lineup of the band and vocalist Casey Chaos) it doesn't seem like it. Way more punk than the other nu-metal bands...they even have a rant against Mr. Brett. Way funkier than anybody else, too. Lots of people say this band is overhyped because of the tragedy surrounding them, but fuck that, this is a true classic...these guys did their own thing, and had fun. So what if there's too many boring instrumentals on this disc?

Snot - 'Get Some'

1. Snot
2. Stoopid
3. Joy Ride
4. The Box
5. Snooze Button
6. 313
7. Get Some
8. Deadfall
9. I Jus' Lie
10. Get Some O' Deez
11. Unplugged
12. Tecato
13. Mr. Brett
14. Get Some Keez
15. My Balls


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