Friday, November 30, 2012

Forte 11-16-12

...a week behind on these 'cuz I was sick last week. Oh well, here's my show from two weeks ago. As always, you can get the podcast RITE HERE. iTunes only, I think.


Iron Maiden - Killers
Primordial - The Burning Season
Incubator - Thinkin' Green - Believe in Grey
Yakuza - Chicago Typewriter
Decimator - Mutant Lieutenant
Blood Feast - Cannibal
Hellhammer - Maniac
Dub Trio - Felicitation
O.L.D. - Vein Water
Von - Devil Pig
Harvester - Cosmonautical Mile
Ripping Corpse - Beyond Humanity
Medieval Steel - Echoes
Pyha - Song of the Elderly
Enslaved - Hollow Inside
Devolved - Terminal Enslavement
downset. - Eyes Shut Tight
Diskord - Inane Existence
Puya - Montate
Bad Acid Trip - Strange Humans
Spaceboy - The Melting World
De Magia Veterum - I Am the Vine
Spastic Ink - To Counter and Groove in E Minor
Snot - Absent
Satan - Hunt You Down
Breadwinner - Kisses Men on the Mouth
Ash Pool - Under Zyklon Blue
The Deadlights - Bitter
Rotting Christ - One with the Forest
Gehennah - 666, Drunks and Rock'n'Roll
Orange 9mm - Failure
Cannibal Corpse - Sanded Faceless
maudlin of the Well - The Ferryman
Tiamat - Winter Dawn
Crypt of Kerberos - Yule Horror
Dead Horse - Like Asrielle
Napalm Death - Display to Me...

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